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brand-new album "i'm american." bill: all right guys, thank you, sounds great. good morning everyone. are we now at boiling point in washington on these debt talks? president obama reportedly storming out of wednesday's meeting, telling republican leaders don't call my bluff. threatening to take the fight to the american people. now, will tempers flare in round six at the white house today? heavy weight battle, good morning everybody, i'm bill hemmer, welcome to "america's newsroom". martha: i'm martha maccallum in for martha maccallum! and i've been at 1:00, and back just to make sure that you got everything running and under control here. bill: welcome back martha. martha: good to be here. there are so many tough questions right now about where this is all headed, and boy, is this getting inflamed. people arguing about this all across the country now, lots of finger pointing in washington and basically a refusal at this point, it would appear, to compromise. bill: so democrats pushing for those new taxes,
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republicans calling for deeper spending cuts, you know that, the president calling for a deal by july 22nd, that is one week from tomorrow. now, congress needs time to pass it before the august 2nd deadline on the calendar. that's when the administration argues we will start defaulting on some of our bills, and the stakes get even higher now, america's top credit rating receiving a major downgrade. stuart varney, fox business network, with that this morning. there's a new warning out just today. what is that all about? good morning. >> it's on our desk before breakfast with a thud. this raises the danger level and the threat level significantly and the warning came from standard & poor's. they said look, you, america, if you miss a single check, any kind of check, of any kind whatsoever, you are going to be downgraded. your reputation will take a hit. now, we thought maybe if we missed an interest payment or a debt principal payment then we would default. this raises the stakes
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enormously because if the government misses any check of any kind, going to anybody, s&p says you're downgraded, your reputation takes a notch or two downward. bill: they're worried about whether or not a debt gets done, basically, that's what the concern is, right? >> that was the concern. the time concern came from moody's yesterday afternoon, they're worried that there isn't time available to get a deal done, written, legislated, passed, and put in place. bill: does moody's have any political backing? are they entirely objected to it? >> they say they are. you have to take them at their word. they say they are. bill: because you wonder if they're trying to push one side or the other. >> one wonders. bill: it's difficult to put all these pieces together behind closed doors, but we with cay -- we can say this, both sides appear to be a long way from getting this matter settled. >> that is true. and you can also say that the threat level has been raised by these new warnings, and the danger
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level has been raised, because we're getting closer and closer to the point where you simply can't get a deal done in time to prevent a single check not going out. bill: if we were downgraded where would that put us, where would we rank with other countries? is there a comparison that's fair, stuart? >> not really. suffice it to say, if we are downgraded, we lose our reputation as the gold standard. people look up to us because we've not been downgraded since 1917, which actually puts a lot of pressure on president obama. does he want to be the first president to preside over a downgrading of america's debt, or a default on america's debt. bill: you paint the picture quite well. the stakes are high. stuart, thank you. we'll see you on fbn. martha: with all that in the background, you can see why things are getting tense. you want -- don't want to be the first president to oversee something like that, and he and they're planning every day. so the top house republican,
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responding to this story that stuart was talking about, this credit warning, house speaker john boehner saying this. this report underscores the warning i outlined months ago. if the white house does not take action soon to address our nation's debt crisis by reigning in spending, the markets may do it for us, and they tend to work that way. bill: we're watching those markets closely. stock futures are up but the news on the credit warning came out after the closing bell of yesterday so we could see some action once the trading starts 25 minutes away from that. we'll keep an eye on that throughout the show today for you. martha: meanwhile you've got to look at these jobs numbers that just came out for a read on the u.s. economy, unemployment claims still start with a four, in the hundreds spot and that's a bad sign, down 22,000 from last week, the last read, and that brings us to this 405 number, the labor department says that is the lowest level in almost three months so it's heading in the right direction, needs
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to get dramatically lower than that to create jobs. bill: you heard eric bolling say when we're in the fours, it's bad. the threes or the twos starts chipping away at that number. but this debate on the debt even has republicans taking sides against one another. rebound congressman jason chaffetz sitting -- hitting his twitter account to slam a senator. joining us in a moment to defend that tweet, calling mitch mcconnell's plan, quote unquote, stupid. martha: we'll hear from him on that. in the meantime, sarah palin making it clear she is not out of the running for 2012, the former alaskan governor tells sean hannity that she will be making an official decision very soon. >> let me, of course, there are time frames, and that time is -- it's coming rapidly in front of all of us. you know, august and september, you do have to start laying out a plan if you are to be one to throw
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your hat in the ring, so that's basically the time frame. martha: so what does that mean? although she has not made a decision yet, sarah palin has said she is confident she could beat president obama in 2012, so stay tuned for that one. bill: that's interesting to read between the lines on all this stuff now. rudy giuliani telling the associated press what it would take for him to get in the race, the former new york city mayor saying he believes not run of the -- not -- if he believes not one of the republican candidates can beat obama he'll join the battle but giuliani backing away from any reports that he will decide or make that decision soon. who's in, who's out? eleven candidates officially in, including mitt romney, newt gingrich, tim pawlenty, michelle bachmann, all fighting for the top job in the country, among the others you see on the screen there. martha: some of those names will drop out, some new pictures will come in over the course of the next few months. it's going to be pretty interesting. in the meantime, let's
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bring this bit of news to you that there is a final farewell right for you to former first lady betty ford. members of the public are now filing through and paying their respects, a funeral service for ford who died on friday will be held this afternoon in her home town of grand rapids, michigan. mrs. ford had a long history in grand rapids, she grew up there, she met her husband there, got married there, and now will be laid to rest there next to her late husband, president gerald ford. steve brown live in grand rapids, walk us through this final day of the goodbyes for this great woman, as the nation mourns her loss. >> reporter: yes, sir -- yes, good morning, martha. we're at the ford museum, the gerald r. ford museum. we're in the final hour of public viewing. you can see preem filing in. at 10:00, it -- it will be done as far as the public viewing. >> all first ladies seem to
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be gracious ladies and i think you look up to them, because they say behind every great man, there's a great woman, and so i think that she was one of those, and she did so much for people, and that's why we wanted to come and pay our respects. >> in the noon hour, the casket will be moved to grace episcopal church where betty and gerald got married just weeks before ford was elected to his first term in congress, there, the final of the public services, then the casket will be returned to the grounds of the museum for one final family private service, closed to the press and the public, and then interment of the casket next to the remains of the former president. martha: they mentioned the family there be there, her four children who survived her and there will be dignitaries i would expect as well, steve. >> reporter: we will have one former president and one former first lady. president bill clinton will be here, he had aircraft
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difficulties in order to get out to the public service in california, so he is expected here, as well as former first lady barbara bush, also expected to be here today in grand rapids. martha: great to see all these people gathering to honor her. bill: 93 years young. martha: inspiring in so many ways. bill: she has given back to this country in a lot of different ways. those are some of the stories we're watching in "america's newsroom". in a moment, it was man versus shark and a kayak. a guy ends up reeling in the deadliest catch, and the story behind it. it's amazing, this video. martha: went fishing to this thing and did catch him, sort of. we'll see who caught who. and caught on camera, can you believe this, this is workers at a chrysler plant in michigan, busting being bad on the job. so what else were they doing during their break? you're not going to believe this. bill: quite a bit, apparently. the mosque near ground zero, clearing a major legal
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hurdle for construction. now one step closer. in a moment, the 9/11 firefighter who lost his battle to stop the mosque from being built in the first place. >> if that happens, it's over, okay? first of all they're going to build a mosque down at ground zero, period, i think it's over, they're going to get us to do anything. now they're going to make us pay for it?om a leg i'm moveting.
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martha: we've got new information this morning about one of the worst terror attack necessary mumbai history, the bombings, three of them simultaneous, killed at least 17 people and wounded more than 130 yesterday. officials say they have no immediate leads on who may be responsible for this deadly assault. so far, nobody has claimed responsibility. but with have learned the bombs were made of ammonium nitrate, and the chemicals were not triggered remotely. indian officials also say there were no intelligence
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warnings of a possible attack. bill: that was what was breaking on our watch yesterday at this hour. how does he really feel, huh? republican jason chaffetz taking a swipe at a senior senator on the debt plan. he tweets the following: don't know what in the world mitch mcconnell in the senate is thinking. wow! stupid idea. congressman chaffetz is here now and sir, good morning to you, and welcome back to "america's newsroom". >> good morning. bill: what did you sneen. >> i meant what i said. it was a stupid idea. i have the greatest respect for the senator but the idea itself of just punting, giving the president more authority, not taking a tough vote in congress, that's a stupid idea. bill: i think that -- >> here's part of the problem. bill: i'm not here to defend the comment but to viewers know, his idea was a backup to a backup to a backup plan that gets pushed up to the august deadline. what you do is raise the debt ceiling and then you force the president on three different occasions over the next 12 months to specify which spending cuts he
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supports. why is that a bad idea? >> because then it comes back to congress, and if we have votes that fail, then the president gets to unilaterally make this move -- nix this move. that's the fundamental problem. it allows members to take states' convenient votes, not have to do something difficult, but there are people here that aren't trying to get elected in perpetuity. we're here to make the hard, tough decisions, so to actually go out and punt and say we'll leave that to the president, a, we're a co-equal branch of government, we ought to be making difficult decisions and the reason we're in this mess is congress and senates in the past have not made these decisions, and -- >> bill: he says i refuse to help barack obama get reelected and a default would destroy republicans at the moment. he also said i will not allow him, meaning president obama, to entice us as republicans in the coownership of a bad economy. clearly he's pointing the finger at the white house here. >> that's obvious. i don't mind pointing some blame on both sides but you
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know what, you're putting politics above the ability to make tough decisions. i want these bodies to make these tough decisions. i don't want to keep punting. and at this point in the game, i don't think you should be talking about option number four. we need to be pushing the agenda, pushing the president and republicans to do it. we said we were going to do this when we got elected and that is make a major, major change in how we're spending money in this country. bill the tea party caucus, i know you requested a meeting with the white house and then that was withdrawn. what do you want to see as an end game to this debt crisis? >> i really do believe that cut, cap and balance is the very best way to go, it's reasonable, it gives the president what he wants and a debt ceiling increase but it cuts spending immediately, puts spending caps in place and a balanced budget amendment is what we need over the long term because the balanced budget amendment i think is the only thing that's going to give discipline to this body to live within our means, cut, cap, balance. bill: that will be a major
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headline next wednesday because that's on for a schedule for a vote in the house. how much support is there no cut, cap and balance in the house now? >> it is growing. it is growing. look, every major conservative group in the country is behind it, more than 100, cut, cap and balance, there are hundreds of thousands of americans behind it. this is a great movement, it's reasonable, it gives the president -- if somebody wants to put their sacrifice -- it's a sacrifice on our side in raising the debt ceiling but it puts the country back on fiscal sanity. i think it's the way to go. bill: do you have 220 votes? >> i think we need -- no, not yet. but it's growing every day, as more as more members become aware of it. we in the house are preparing and getting ready to introduce a piece of legislation, so stay tuned. bill: we shall. it will be a big deal come next week. jason chaffetz, thank you, out of utah. martha: another day at the office, really. one group of workers, union workers, just sort of, you
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know, having a joke, a little smoke, booze, at the lunch hour. you know? the same kind of stuff we do around here, bill. one reporter got up close and personal. this is fascinating. bill: they don't have us on camera, though. martha: thank goodness! bill: team usa, world cup final, sunday at 2:00, what a day this was, abby wombach, she's like a superhero. martha: love her. bill: that header put her one up, team usa will play japan for all the marbles. martha: love it. bill: sunday afternoon. go usa! back in a moment.
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bill: some stories developing in "america's newsroom", there is new violence erupting in
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pakistan, gunmen in the streets of karachi, opening fire, leaving seven dead and more than two dozen injured. dozens of suspects connected to the mexican mafia in custody after a huge gang raid in california. the mexican mafia, considered the oldest and most powerful prison gang in the u.s. astronauts on board atlantis, international space station as well, getting their morning wake-up call today. listen to this: >> ♪ >> ♪ if you believed. >> ♪ >> ♪ they put a man on the moon. >> ♪ >> ♪ good morning atlantis! this is michael stripe from r.e.m. we wish you much success on your mission and thank all the women and men at nasa who have worked on shuttle for three decades, from earth, a very good morning to you. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ bill: how cool is that, huh? sir elton yesterday did that. martha: wouldn't that be cool, wake up up every morning and give you a call?
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>> bill: we're going to talk to them next week and let you know how -- know how they're doing on the last mission. so stay tuned for that. martha: and in court, we are getting reports that news international reef rebekah brooks will testify before a british parliamentary committee investigating the news of the world phone hacking scandal, british lawmakers also calling on others to testify. news of the rorld was owned by news corporation, parent of fox news. fox news foreign affair correspondent amy kellogg joins us with the latest on this story from london. good morning, amy. >> reporter: hi martha. there are actually two things going on. there is a very sweeping public inquiry here looking into the phone hacking and the allegations of payments to police for information at the news of the world, and then, there is this parliamentary committee that has asked to question rupert murdoch, his son james and their chief deputy in london, rebekah brooks. so far only brooks has
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agreed to make the date, which is next tuesday. earlier this morning the deputy prime minister nick clegg said all three should appear before this committee. >> i think there are big question marks about how news corporation is being run. why is it that people higher up the food chain have yet -- haven't yet taken accountability for what is emerging as an industrial-scale scandal, in the way in which these newspapers were being run? >> certain politicians have called for brooks' resignation, as she was editor of news of the world at the time. it's alleged to have hacked into the voice mail of a school girl who was abducted and later murdered. she is murdoch's trusted deputy in the u.k. rowpert murdoch has said himself he cannot make next tuesday's appointment before this committee but has offered to give evidence to the upcoming judge-led inquiry here in the u.k. and james murdoch has said he can't make next week's meeting, either, but would be happy to do that on
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august 10th or 11th. our understanding, martha, is that brooks, because she's a british citizen, is the only one of the three who would be obligated by law to appear before this committee but even though the others have said they won't make it next tuesday, apparently now a formal summons is being sent by someone called the sarient at arms, which is the person in charge of security and keeping order in the commons, being sent over right now to the headquarters of news international. that's the latest from here. martha: thank you very much, amy. bill: well, he says the mosque grier ground zero would not stop him from remembering the tragedy. now a 9/11 firefighter who sued to stop the construction of that mosque, reacting to a judge's ruling that may enable it to go forward, this coming up on the tenth anniversary of 9/11. that firefighter is here live. we'll explain. >> he's going to actually take the money i work for? that gets taken out of my paycheck to fund something that i'm completely, absolutely against? not on my watch.
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bill: busted for drinking on the job again, chrysler auto workers, trenton, michigan, caught on camera throwing back a few beers on the lunch break and this is not the first time we have seen this happen. here's the story out of fox, detroit now. >> 11:00 a.m., lunch time at chrysler's trenton engine plant, and these guys have been working hard, safety goggles, check, high visibility work vest, check!
9:30 am
lighter and pipe? check! >> but not everyone is smoking at this park. just a mile from the plant. these guys -- this guy's having a healthy lunch of chips and beer. and while this behavior during your break is against chrysler's policy, these guys aren't so reckless as to do it in a public park! no! this is private property! a private lot. and get this. it's maintained by their union. the united auto workers. ten months ago, i showed you these chrysler workers, pounding beers, day after day, during their lunch break. they worked at the jefferson north plant in detroit. i caught them leaving for lunch, hitting up the party store, and heading to the park to drink and smoke before heading back to work to finish their shifts. chrysler had just been bailed out with billions of dollars of taxpayer money. in fact, president obama himself had just given them a pep talk on the floor of the plant.
9:31 am
and this was the thanks we got? we found out about these guys, the same way we found out about the others. tips from inside the plant. i got two tips from chrysler's trenton engine plant. the tipsters told me they don't want to work with people who have been partying. it's dangerous. but here they are, just steps away from the union hall, doing their thing. i've heard of guys being so hungry they inhaled their lunch, but this is ridiculous! wow! flush check out this guy with the pipe and the head phones. wonder what he's listening to? because it sure must be relaxing! >> here's another guy on his lunch break and he's a real bud man! of course, i'm referring to his bandana. can you believe these guys have to go back to work to finish their shifts? but not this guy. he's not on his lunch break. he spends two hours drinking before his shift even starts his name is carrey.
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every day that we were watching the lot, he'd be there, parked in the same spot, drinking. go to the local party store for a second round. a little more drinking. this guy is in no shape to work, but he goes, anyway. day after day after day. finally, i had to confront him on his reckless behavior. >> hey, aren't you supposed to be starting work pretty soon? >> i am, pretty soon. >> what do you got in the bag? got a couple of beer? >> beers. >> yeah, you drink beer all the time before you start work? >> no. >> you don't? didn't you already come here about an hour ago and have a couple of beers? >> yeah, i did. >> and you go sit over in that uaw lot? >> no, i'm not going to go to work today. >> you're not going to go to work today? but you usually do, don't you? >> no, but i ain't working today. >> you're not? >> no. >> you're not even supposed to be driving, are you? >> yeah. >> carrey lost his license for drunk driving, his record is so bad, he hasn't
9:33 am
had a valid driver's license since 1993. time to talk to the people who maintain the lot where all the partying is going on. the uaw. >> i will check. >> dave solano is vice president of local 372. we go outside and i show him exactly where his members are partying during their lunch break. >> so you don't know anything about it? >> no. honestly we don't see nobody out here. >> and he assures me if they did, they'd do something about it. >> when that information broke out at jefferson, all the locals were put on notice, hey, if you got any members doing this type of activity, thet them know it's not going to be condoned. >> it may not be contingency dollars -- condoned, but it's still going on, right across the street. bill: thank you, rob. chrysler sent people to check out the video, saying as soon as the employees are identified, they'll be suspended immediately without pay. now, you heard rob say there
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that chrysler received billions of dollars in taxpayer money. the automaker got a total of $10.6 billion in government loans. treasury department says the u.s. is unlikely to recover the remaining $1.9 billion. chrysler has repaid $7.6 billion of that loan. so far. so bong at lunch time, martha? >> martha: that's a fascinating piece of reporting! you know, but -- i love that the tips came from inside the plant, because these people want this reporter to come in because they're working next to this guy and they're like -- he actually didn't put bolt number four in the wrong place and i'm afraid the whole thing might fall apart! bill: there's a reason for that, as you just saw! martha: that was entertaining, interesting, for this morning. all right, let's move on to this story, which is a serious one that i want to bring your attention to and it's a decision that has divided new york city. the new york state supreme court has dismissed a lawsuit that was trying to stop construction of a mosque near ground zero.
9:35 am
backers now have the green light to go ahead and build that mosque, which as you know has been hugely controversial in this city. my next guest lost his court battle to appeal that decision. tim brown, 9/11 firefighter with families for safe and strong america, joins me now, tim, good to see you again. >> nice to see you martha. martha: so basically, this appeal was based on the decision that that was an historic building, and it was historic for a number of reasons, 150 years old, and also, debris literally fell on it when the towers came down. >> yes. martha: so you wanted that to be a protected place. >> yes. martha: one in which this building could never be built. >> yes. martha: what happened? >> we contended the process was flawed with the landmarks preservation commission, and we still believe that's true. the judge's decision here was merely on my standing, which is a bit legal technically, but he did not rule on the merits of the case, whether that building should be landmarked or not or whether the process was
9:36 am
flawed, so we do intend to appeal this decision. we don't agree with it. we think that i do have standing. i mean, if not for the first responders who risked their lives there, who has standing? you know? so it's a legal technicality. we're going to follow it up. martha: you are basically arguing that it blocked your ability to comeem rate that event. >> right. i mean, that building had the landing gear of one of the planes go through the roof. so for people to say it's not on or at ground zero is disingenuous, for someone to say it's two-blocks away is disingenuous, it's 60 feet away from one of the buildings that collapsed -- 600 feet, and we contend it is ground zero. a lot of our loved ones' remains were never recovered, and that building has never been searched for remains. i mean, it's just -- the fact that they continue to push this is very hurtful to us. martha: where do you think this is going?
9:37 am
elan ralph, white house name was very much associated with it and disappeared for a while, he's back in the picture. >> he never left. there was too much media pressure on him. he's still on the board of directors for that organization. so he is still involved. he's running around the country, making thousands of dollars spreading his -- what i consider lies. he still claims the 9/11 families are with him in public. and that couldn't be further from the truth. he continues to jam it down our throats. martha: it looked like when we last visited this story that they didn't have the money to build this. >> right. martha: and that it was unlikely, and trace secula, he still claims there's no way this is ever going to happen. what do you think? >> i totally agree. we have so many -- there's so much potential for lawsuits, we're appealing this decision, we will keep up the public pressure. the families are not going earnings the families and survivors and first responders. some of my family friends who are older folks who lost
9:38 am
their son, daughter, grandchildren, have said to me that they will lay down in the street in front of the bulldozers. we will -- with aclj and jay seculo, the families, this will never happen, this mosque will never be built and we will make imam rauf eat his words. martha: i just want to say, tim brown, and a small group of others like him, are fighting on behalf of these families to make sure that this tenth anniversary is respected and that the grounds all around this area have the kind of safety that they deserve, and it's been an uphill battle for you folks. things like peoples' titles are not going to be on the memorial, so it won't say captain next to a firefighter's name, it will just say tom brown, to pick a random name there. there are so many issues that surround the importance of this place and you're going to hear so much about this come the tenth anniversary. >> mike burke who lost his brother is trying to -- he is going to show the damage, and there are a lot of very
9:39 am
strong families out there who are going to be fighting. martha: where can people go if they want to support you guys? >> 911 families for a safe and strong america, liberty, and thank you everyone for your support. martha: thank you tim brown for your undying commitment to those that were lost on that day, your brothers and fellow firefighters, we thank you always. thank you. >> thank you martha. bill: to our viewers across the country, when the memorial is open in september, come to new york and check it out, it will be significant. checking the markets right now, we've been trading for nine minutes in new york, investors reacting to the jobs number which was -- it was eee, 400,000 americans filing for first time unemployment benefits for the past week alone, we finished up 44 points yesterday, up 16 right now. we'll watch it throughout the morning and let you know -- let you know how you're doing in your 401(k). martha: let's go behind the closed doors of the white house, where there have been fireworks, big time yesterday. sources say that president obama warned one top
9:40 am
republican lawmaker to, quote, not call his bluff when it comes to our $14 trillion debt. now that gop leader is firing back. we're going to tell you what he's now saying. bill: also, remember, you can take fox news with you on the go this summer. it is now easier than ever to keep fox with you when you're not in front of the tv. so when you head out for vacation or going to the pool or beach, simply go to to find out how to connect with us on your mobile device when you are away from that tv set. martha: you might want to unplug in the summer, but we're not going to let you!
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march witnesses say they heard the blast from a mile away. a possible propane explosion levels a new york home. four people were killed in this fire -- as firefighters worked hard to put out the flames people nearby sprung into action. >> when i got there, the
9:44 am
lady was screaming for help, to help her mother, and when i was helping her mother, you know, i noticed the baby, i pulled the baby to safety, and the baby sorted -- started to breathe, thank god, you know, and you know, we just pulled everybody out to safety that we could. there was people on the ground deceased and what not and it just really -- really a tragedy, you know? >> how many people were you able to get out? >> we got out probably 8-9 of them, the one lady just felt like mush, we picked her up, she was just like -- i don't know how to describe it. i really don't. there was another lady with her leg blew out, help blew out, big hole in her leg. it was just crazy. i've never seen anything like it. martha: a hero. he saved some of those lives in that situation. seven other people were hurt. witnesses say they also smelled propane, but there's still no official word yet on what caused that explosion. >> what a story that is. now we are hearing inside word on what's
9:45 am
happening on these talks at the white house. now, no cameras inside to capture the conversation, but apparently president obama, the house majority leader eric cantor, reportedly going at it, head to head over how to tackle that $14 trillion debt. now the republican congressman is calling for mr. obama to unveil his, quote, grand bargain. tucker karlson is editor of the daily caller, fox news contributor, christopher han is former aide to senator chuck schumer out of new york. gentlemen, good morning to both of you. >> good morning, bill. bill: cantor, he said to me eric don't call my bluff i'm going to the american people with this, was someone taken aback, democrats say this is overblown. we're trying to piece together and trying to figure out the personality dynamics to figure out where they're going to go eventually. what do you make of this tucker? >> democrats are saying that the president responded to congressman cantor's rudeness, that he wasn't appropriately deferential, that he didn't treat the president like the messiah that he is, so the president responded this way, cantor's
9:46 am
office says that's untrue. it seems to me, though, this is not a stunt, i doubt this was planned ahead of time, storming out of a meeting is never good applicable relations in the middle of a negotiation. my read on this is that it was entirely genuine, that the president is, in fact, prickly, and easy to anger, and was infuriated and stormed out and what you see is what actually happened. >> well, tucker, this president is -- one thing about this president, he's cool as a cucumber, so cantor must have really gotten under his skin if we believe what he says and the president walked out. one thing, i've been at the meetings at the white house, the meeting is over when the president stands up to leave so i think cantor needs to understand that. >> here's actually the truth, which is that the congress is a co-equal power with the executive, the president is not jesus, he actually is a citizen like everybody else, and he doesn't -- you don't need to treat him as a king. >> one of the things that's most frustrating to the president and other reasonable people in this country, and i include a lot
9:47 am
of republicans and independents in that group, is that we're tired of cantor and other republicans blaming obama for this debt. 90 percent of aur $14.7 trillion debt was run up under three presidents, reagan and both bushes, and cantor's playing like this is obama's problem. cantor voted many, many times to increase the debt ceiling. >> regardless of -- >> regardless of -- >> it's reagan's fault! >> you got to figure something out within weeks. now, tucker, is this the clash of personalities that can be overcome? >> let me just say, i hardly applaud the blame reagan strategy! >> not blaming reagan. >> there's a winner, good luck man. clearly has a clash of personalities. by the way, republicans walked out of earlier negotiating talks, and i thought at the time that was a bap optic, it doesn't help anybody, but clearly, it's personal. again, i don't think there's a single democratic consultant in america who would say to the president i have an idea, why don't you storm out in anger, that
9:48 am
will make you look like an adult, like you have emotional self-control. of course not. the president would never do that as a calculated move. >> you know, listen, i doubt he stormed out in anger. i think that cantor has been misleading the american people on many things, and he's misleading them here on this as well. bill: all of this is based on our interpretation and what tucker wants to believe and christopher you want to believe, but we do know this, eric cantor is on record calling on president obama to give details on his quote unquote grand bargain. >> why should he give -- >> bill: to show your cards and let you know what you're willing to cut, how you get to $4 trillion, because right now, chris, it's just guesswork. do you know? >> listen, he said -- >> bill: do you snow. >> he's put entitlements on the table. no other democratic president would do that. no democrat in the country is calling on him to do that. he's said come to the table and bargain, but bring some enhanced revenue. republicans have flat --o. >> bill: we need $4 trillion in cuts and right now you've not given us specifics. >> these guys are not
9:49 am
putting anything on the table, they say do it our way or nothing at all. >> tucker, last word here. i've got to run. i apologize. >> he's not going to get to $2 trillion. and by the way, actual cuts in medicare and medicaid? i don't believe it. >> they'll raise the debt ceiling with no cuts. that's what's going to happen. bill: gentlemen, thank you. come on back next week, okay? christopher, thank you, tucker, thanks all right? martha. martha: we'll have more on that coming up. in the meantime, sarah palin comes out swinging on this whole issue against a top republican leader in washington, why she says that his plan for our ballooning debt is basically like handing president obama a white flag. bill: check out this fearless fisherman going head to head with a shark and he was in a cay arc! try that one! >> my dad was in the water. it was kind of funny. >> it was funny? you weren't scared? >> well, i thought he mights. lose or something!
9:50 am
9:51 am
9:52 am
9:53 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ bill: oh, they are apocalyptic warnings, martha. all across los angeles this weekend they're going to close the busy l.a. freeway, the 405, sparking massive gridlock, they're calling it carmegeddon. car! one airline is getting in on the action, jetblue is offering $4 seats to shuttle folks across the 10-mile closure. martha: unbelievable. why are they closing it? >> bill: the tickets sold out in three hours. jetblue is on to something! to avert construction, they picked this weekend to do it. they've been all over the air waves, trying to warning people. martha: public transportation, not a big thing in l.a., people hate
9:54 am
to be separated from their car. how about this, shark on man wrestling, caught on camera. look at this, a fisherman on a kayak off the coast of santa barbara -- barbara, snagels an 8-foot snark, he wrestles more than 30 minutes to bring this baby in while his buddy videotapes the entire thing, he reels the shark in and it strikes back. >> right then the shark bucked and i cannot get enough leverage to do anything about it, so it just flipped me instantly, and i was in the water. martha: in the water, with the 8-foot shark. there he is. he managed to get the skyac back over. he does this on a regular basis, just so you know. amazingly, he was unhurt. look at this! >> bill: how about that. martha: meanwhile, let's head back across to the east coast, where a 10-foot great white shark was spotted, where else, of course, off the coast of cape cod, massachusetts, right off the edge of chatham, massachusetts, which is a very special place. this is the fourth time we've seen one of these this
9:55 am
summer. according to the town's harbor master, the shark swam up to the boat where the crews were out there, looking to see where the sharking were and trying to tag them. dr. greag scomo is expert on this and he is with us now, senior biologist and shark expert with the massachusetts state division of marine fisheries, he's also the author of the shark hand book, the essential guide for understanding the sharks of the world. dr. gregg, welcome. >> nice to be here, martha. martha: talk to me about what we just saw. this guy, he's an angler, shark fisherman and he catches and releases. he was he in danger with that thresher shark? >> any time you bring a shark out of the water, you're taking a big chance. obviously he wanted to get his hook back and release the fish in good condition. the right way to do that would be to keep the shark in the water and not put it on lis happen. martha: that -- on its lap. march nar that sounds like good advice for this shark that was most likely going along and didn't want to
9:56 am
bother anybody, most likely. talk to me about what's going on off the coast of cape cod and how close are they coming to the beaches in chatham? >> this is the trend we've been seeing in the last few years, the sharks are attracted to the coastline particularly off of the eastern side of cape cod, chatham to the south, monamoy island, in that area. there's a robust, growing sizeable population of gray seems, the white sharks are drawn to feed on those seals and therefore they're much easier for us to see and to study, and a lot of our tagging we've been doing over the last couple of years will beured on discovery, this coming year, and you get to see how we work with these animals. martha: i can't wait to see it and i've actually watched you and the boats tagging the sharks in the water and it's pretty cool, and thank you, we'll be watching over the course of this the summer how this pogs. bill: good to be on dry land. in a moment, a gruesome murder in new york city has everybody wondering why.
9:57 am
cinnamon toast crunch, with a delicious cinnamon and sugar taste that's amazing. crave those crazy squares. [ slurp! ]
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martha: president obama reportedly saying, basically, that he reached his limit as america inches closer to its borrowing limit. the president reportedly telling congressional leaders the debt fight may, quote, bring down my presidency, but, quote, i will not yield. brand new hour, now of "america's newsroom." good to be here with everybody this morning i'm martha maccallum. bill: who? martha: martha maccallum! bill: it has been a while. martha: how are you? bill: good to have you back. martha: good to be here. bill: now it is getting personal. tempers flaring at the white house and democrats calling out republican eric cantor, minutes ago on the floor of the senate, majority leader harry reid said cantor has a reputation for being childish i. >> meanwhile, house leader eric cantor shows he shouldn't even be at the table, and, one
10:01 am
republican told politico, last night, the publication, quote, he lost a lot of credibility when he walked away from the table. it was childish, end of quote. what is that all about, mr. president. martha: the pressure to reach a deal is now really becoming immense. credit rating agency moody's warns america's solid gold credit is now at risk and we've heard warnings from s&p this morning and wendell goler joins us live, with all of this and the president said they'll meet every day until they reach that agreement. july 22nd looks like the deadline but, after what happened yesterday, maybe they need to cool off a bit. >> reporter: but there isn't time. they have a week or so to reach an agreement and in time to get it through the house and senate and on the president's desk for signature before the country runs out of borrowing authority on august 2nd. so, we are hearing the president
10:02 am
may invite the leaders of the house and senate up to camp david for the weekend. which is the equivalent of locking them in a room until they get something done. and, there were smiles at the start of yesterday's meeting. but, when it ended a couple of hours later we were told there are few smiles. and the president declared enough is enough. warned house majority leader eric cantor of virginia, quote, don't call my bluff. and sources say the two sides agreed between 1.5 and $1.7 trillion in spending cuts, but need to raise the debt ceiling by about $2.3 trillion, to last through the end of next year. and keep it out of election year politics. and the president demanding republicans either give up their refusal to increase tax revenues and lower the deficits or give up their demand to cut spending, by as much as they raise the debt ceiling, martha. martha: talk to us about the credit rating warning. s&p talked about it this morning and also, moody's. >> reporter: first time in 16 years moody's has reviewed the country's aaa credit rating,
10:03 am
even if they lower it just a bit, for example, to a aa rating it will still raise the amount that the u.s. has to pay for treasury bills, and, that bill raise interest rates on home mortgages, car loans, and credit cards. now, fed chairman ben bernanke who testified on capitol hill yesterday and is back on the hill again today, says failure to raise the debt ceiling in time would leaded to a huge financial calamity that would add to unemployment and leave the economy in worst shape than when lehman brothers went bankrupt, in september of 2008. that, of course, launched the panic that put the country on the brink of depression, led to the bailouts of aig, and, two of the big three automakers. and that is what -- and, a recession that we are still climbing out of. martha: that is true. wendell, thank you very much, wendell goler reporting from the white house and we have new comments from mitch mcconnell as well, we'll get to you, very fiery statements, coming from senator mcconnell about the
10:04 am
president, and we'll tell you what those are in a minute. bill: serious matter as we know here now and many feel the financial effect if the country were to default on payment -- that is "if". and for example the nation's creditors would have first dibs on whatever few billions of dollars remain in uncle sam's coffers and the short-term the credit markets could freeze as skittish banks could withhold loaning money and could drive up the cost of a car loan to a student loan to a mortgage for your house. and, additionally, the deficit would rack up hundreds of billions of extra dollars in interest. and there are others who argue that the debate will not happen in this way, because, the government is still taking in money, after august 2nd and, could theoretically make the payments necessary for example like a social security check and that is what the arguments are, right now. a week away from what the president says has to be a deadline. july 22nd. martha: and former elastic governor sarah palin wading into the debt debate, slamming senate
10:05 am
minority leader mitch mcconnell's plan to let the president raise the debt ceiling on his own. without the cuts. she says that amounts to surrender, and here she is, last night on hand. >> this plan of mcconnell's, i think makes no sense, because it does cede power to our president and we cannot afford to back off and hand him with the white flag waving in front of him, saying, here, mr. president, we trust you, you take over. >> i agree. >> i'm still not one to buy into this notion that we must incur more debt and increase the debt ceiling by august 2nd. otherwise, you know, there will be catastrophe. you pay for the essentials first and the nonessentials have to get cut. martha: interesting. all right, the former alaska governor tells sean, she plans to make her long await announcement whether or not she'll run for president, late this summer. that is the latest timeframe we are hearing from sarah palin. bill: in the meantime, back to the casey anthony matter.
10:06 am
she's released from jail in a matter of three days, hit with a lawsuit, suing the mother acquitted of murder for defamation. gonzalez has been subjected to public ridicule since the trial because she shares the same name as a woman anthony initially told investigators kidnapped her daughter, caylee. remember, zanni the nanny? and the jury foreman from the murder trial, breaking his silence with greta van susteren who asked him if the jury ever felt sorry for casey anthony. >> did you ever feel sorry for her? >> no. not once. >> feel sorry for george? >> no. as far as -- i feel sorry for the fact that you know, now here they are, left to pick up the pieces. you have to keep in mind and you have to keep the perspective that there is -- the granddaughter is deceased and i feel sorry for them in that
10:07 am
aspect. and what sits with me and what bothers me the most is the fact that they... nobody made the effort and i say they, out of them, who, you know, whoever, nobody ever made the effort to get ahold of somebody and... >> cindy made the 911 call when she found out. >> yes, cindy cindy is different. cindy was never one that we thought had any point in the matter. but, you know, the others did. and, that is what we... you know, that is a shame and that is why i was saying before, there really should be something in place where we can... that can be punishable, serious, not misdemeanor, so they can be punished because of that. >> any disgust for anyone in particular? >> well, i'll tell you what, when i had to... had to sign-off
10:08 am
on the indictment, there was a... >> you mean the verdict. >> the verdict, yeah. when i had to sign-off on the verdict, the sheet given to me, there was a feeling of disgust that came across, and knowing my signature and her signature would be there on the same sheet. bill: they were in that room and they made the decision they did. casey casey anthony is out in three days and there are reports she might conceal her identity but it's not clear what time she gets out and if they were smart they would do it before the sun came up, 5:30 a.m martha: i think they'd have to sneak her out in some way and we'll see how long she is able to lilo until someone figures out where she is, that will be only a matter of time, i think. all right, this is the saddest story of this period of time. thousands of mourners overcome by shock and grief, gathering for the funeral of 8-year-old leiby kletzky at a synagogue in
10:09 am
brooklyn, yesterday. he was abducted while he walked home from day camp and his body was later found dismembered. police releasing the chilling surveillance video, that is the little boy, the last time that he was seen as he walked down the street and he missed his turn on the walk home, and that simple mistake for this child, the first time he was allowed to walk this part all by himself, ended in horror. levy aaron has confessed to grabbing him, and killing him and his ex-wife says she is stunned. >> he didn't want to get a divorce and i wanted to get the divorce. we lived together, yeah, he helped me, he was really good to the kids, and, it is all out of character. came out of nowhere. martha: out of nowhere. unbelievable. laura ingle is on the story for us in the new york city newsroom. what more do we know about the suspect. >> reporter: martha, well, most
10:10 am
neighbors here describe him as creepy. and, say that he used to stare at little kids, at the local playground. and he is expected to be arraigned on 2nd degree murder charges this morning, and, while his ex-wife stuck up for his character, others are describing a much more sinister presence in the neighborhood today. one local security patrolman told me that people who lived on his block are now coming forward to say the kids on the street were afraid of him and that he was always trying to coax kids into his house. the patrolman also described him as a loner and neighbors say he had angry outbursts while walking down the street but the patrolman said you cannot arrest someone for being creepy. martha? martha: the instincts of the children that feared him. are so strong and it is just a shame that they were not recognized in a more significant way and this suspect has apparently given a very detailed confession about what happened.
10:11 am
>> reporter: right. and he reportedly laid out the entire story to investigators, saying that he was approached by the lost child who asked for a ride to the location where he was supposed to meet his parents, after day camp monday afternoon, and the suspect says when leiby kletzky got into the car he offered to take him to a wedding he was heading to outside of new york city and he allegedly said they got back to his house late and leiby kletzky fell asleep and the next day he saw the flyers with the boy's picture and returning home the boy was still there and he told authorities, he made him a sandwich, before panicking and suffocating him. >> when detectives asked where the boy was, he nodded towards the kitchen. where detectives observed blood on the freezer handle of the refrigerator and inside the refrigerator was a cutting board with three carving knives with blood on them. >> reporter: the only thing on his criminal record is is a
10:12 am
summons for public urination last year and, meanwhile, thousands as you saw at the top there, attended leiby kletzky's funeral last night and his father spoke briefly saying he was lucky to have had him if only for nine years. martha. martha: boy, what a tragedy. that is the saddest, saddest story. our hearts go out to his family and that whole community. it is absolutely devastating. laura, thank you. >> reporter: thank you. martha: for reporting on that. how does the legal system deal with a monster like this? we'll talk to our panel later on in the show about that. bill: story really rocked a lot of people in new york. a very safe neighborhood and... martha: unfathomable. and, these parents, you know, tried to give their child a little bit of independence, you know, as all of us do, right? and they say, all right, today you can walk down that block, right? and, the chances that something like this could happen to the little child, it is just absolutely devastating. bill: 13 minutes past the hour now, we'll move on to politics here.
10:13 am
there is one state that might swing the race for president next year, not florida, not ohio, not iowa, not even new hampshire. we will name the state that many argue is the cornerstone to winning in 2012. martha: stick around for that and it is considered the oldest and most powerful of prison gangs in america. today, a major blow to the mexican mafia that exists right here in the united states. bill: and the president saying enough is enough? claiming social security checks could stop if there is no deal by august 2nd? others, however, disagree. >> you are either in over your head, and you don't understand what makes the country great, or you are hell bent in turning us into some european big government waste land. you spent money like a drunken sailor, for three years. bill: congressman joe walsh and he's live here with us. right after the break. martha: we'll see why he made the video. ♪ ♪ i can't go on ♪ i can't go on no longer
10:14 am
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10:17 am
>>... with lying you know government well, there is plenty of money to pay off our debt and cover our -- all of our social security obligations. martha: wow. those are fighting words from a freshman congressman in the war that is going on over america's debt and america's future. congressman joe walsh, a republican from illinois, is a man who never minces words and he's a member of the tea party caucus. welcome, congressman, good to have you here today. >> great to be with you, martha. martha: i looked at your video this morning and, you know, you have to ask you, is it appropriate to accuse the president of the united states of lying and do you have any issue with doing that? >> no, not at all. it is a homemade video. not the most polished thing in the world but that what is we do every week when we talk to our constituents. look, martha, i don't believe the president is serious.
10:18 am
and, when he tells the american people that he may have to pull their social security checks after august 2nd, he is not being truthful. he knows that that is not the case. he knows we have the funds and, martha, he knows it is up to him to make those checks. look, everything he is doing in this debate is political. he's all nervous and antsy, because he's created this problem, it is his problem and now he's looking for a life line. martha: so, you know, i know one of the things, you talk about cut, cap and balance and a lot of the people elected on the tea party platform want to see it put through. how will you make it happen, if you can, next week with a balanced budget amendment? >> a lot of us freshmen came here, martha, to fundamentally change the way the town does business. we know most people don't trust politicians, and they shouldn't. unless we force them to balance
10:19 am
their books every year, they won't. and, we only -- the only way to do that is to amend the constitution, the notion of cut, cap and balance, the notion of a balanced budget amendment, martha is gaining momentum in this town, our leadership is embracing it now, the republican rank-and-file embraces it, and, you know, 80% of the american people support a balanced budget amendment an know what it means because they have to live that way. martha: senator mcconnell spoke out a while ago and had strong statements about all of this. there have been folks who have been critical of him. very critical of mitch mcconnell, and, saying that he waived -- with sarah palin we had a quote a while ago, waved the white flag by ceding the president, the ability to raise the debt ceiling. how is that relationship, right now? >> here's what is happening,
10:20 am
martha. i think that mitch mcconnell and, certainly, our leadership in the house is incredibly frustrated because we are dealing with a president that really to my way of thinking is in over his head and doesn't understand how serious the problem is, that is really hard to negotiate with. i understand that. but, look, we came here to lead. the president's not going to lead, he created this problem, and we will help him solve his problem, but the only way we're going to do that, martha, is, again, if we change the way the town does business. and in support of... martha: i have a question for you, right on the other side of the sound bite that has to do with tax reform and loopholes and corporate loopholes and whether or not you would negotiate that. this is the sound from mitch mcconnell, let's let everybody hear that. >> it is time to change the debate altogether, time to make it clear to the american people where the two parties stand in this debate. either you are with the president and his vision of a
10:21 am
government that continues to live beyond its means or you are with those of us who believe washington needs strong medicine. either you want to simply borrow and spend our nation into oblivion, or you want to get our fiscal house in order. martha: do you have confidence in mitch mcconnell and john boehner, that they can do something that your group of tea party supported candidates or congressmen will be okay with? >> look i agree with that sound bite. i agree with what mitch mcconnell said. that is what the debate is all about and i wish my leadership and mitch mcconnell will say, this is your problem, you created the mess, that is what we have to have, pass the balanced budget amendment and my leadership needs to walk away, walk away from the president. martha: there's a lot of walking away going on and we'll see where it goes. joe walsh, representative, thank you, for being here today. appreciate it. >> thank you. bill: the freshmen have a lot of
10:22 am
energy. keep an eye on them and in a moment, what history tells us about all of this. sweetie i think you need a little extra fiber in your diet. carol. fiber makes me sad. oh common. and how can you talk to me about fiber while you are eating a candy bar? you enjoy that. i am. [ male announcer ] fiber beyond recognition. fiber one. the motorola expert from sprint. its powerful tools help you work faster and smarter so you can get back to playing "angry birds." it lets you access business forms on the go, fire off e-mails with the qwerty keypad, and work securely around the world so you can get back to playing "angry birds." it's the android-powered phone that mixes business with pleasure. so let's get our work done, america, so we can all get back to playing "angry birds."
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10:25 am
bill: 25 minutes past the hour, you can turn down the a.c., so they say, there's a cold front coming up, and, that will ease temperatures, from texas to new york, take it from 100 down to 95 and much needed rain, expected, in that storm system, also. and the trial of roger clemens, underway in washington, d.c., he's accused of lying to congress about his suspected use of performance-enhancing drugs. and, from minnesota, folks are feeling the impact of a state government shut down, at happy hour. hundreds of bars and liquor stores cannot renew their alcohol licenses because the government is not open for business. and, there is always wisconsin, right? martha. martha: all right, right now, the crew of the space shuttle
10:26 am
atlantis is hard at work on nasa's final shuttle mission. they are transferring equipment and supplies from atlantis, over to the international space station. and it will be the last trip to drop that stuff off, nasa's final shuttle mission under way, we look back at the first nerve-racking two-man flight that kicked off three decades of exploration, and kris gutierrez is live on this great story for us today. from dallas, hey, chris. >> reporter: hello, martha. the shuttle was built to launch like a rocket, and, then land like a plane, but back in the 1960s and 1970s, it was simply unheard of. take a look: >> reporter: the space shuttle is the most complex machine ever built. but initially skeptics wondered if it would even work. >> i remember sitting in the grandstand, here at the press site. talking to my colleagues and saying, it will not work. it is too complicated. the disaster in the making... >> reporter: on april 12, 1981,
10:27 am
veteran astronaut john young and bob crippen were chosen to take the shuttle on the maiden voyage into space and he reflected on the day, during the recent phone interview. >> caller: how i got that flight is not clear to me but i'm proud it did. it was pure excitement, didn't have time to be shared. >> reporter: with the world watching they set off on a two-day test flight. >> caller: i turned to john and said, i think we might do it! and my heart rate went up to 130 and his was a nice, calm 90 or something and i'm surprised mine didn't go any faster. >> reporter: together they traveled more than a million miles, and circled the earth, 36 times. >> caller: our job was to find out if the vehicle would do what we thought it would do, that is get it up and back down safely and check out all the systems we could in orbit and we were pretty busy, with just two of us on board. >> reporter: they were extremely
10:28 am
busy and while in space got a phone call from then vice president george h. w. bush, who said the shuttle was surely a sign of good things to come for our country, and, now, martha, 30 years later, the program is coming to an end. martha: wow, what a fascinating ride that has been, thank you very much. kris gutierrez. bill: get them home safely, six days in space and they are back here. is history repeating itself? you remember the stand-off, between president clinton against then house speaker newt gingrich and what a battle that was! and who has the best seat at the negotiating table today? the president or the speaker of the house? great question. martha: and they are all in, but karl rove says whoever gets the 2012 g.o.p. nomination needs to win this one state to get to the white house. can you guess which state karl rove is referring to here? one hint... it's not on either coast. [ cat meows ] ♪
10:29 am
[ whistles ] ♪ [ cat meows ] ♪ [ ting! ] [ male announcer ] travelers can help you protect the things you care abt and save money with multi-policy discounts. are you getting the coverage you need and the discounts you deserve? for an agent or quote, call 800-my-coverage or visit you know, the ones find a who do a super job?®. for local maps, reviews and videos & it's the only local search site with the serguarantee®. so next time, let the good guys save the day. get the superguarantee®, only at superpages®. in the book, on your phone or at®.
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10:32 am
bill: there are yet more meetings today at the white house and by all accounts, yesterday's was tense. according to reports out of washington the president said the following, quote, this may bring down my presidency, but i will not yield on this. jonah goldberg, national review online, good morning to you, jonah, that's being reported by bill plant at the white house, cbs, in reference to the president's insistence on a long term agreement, at one point
10:33 am
apparently he said i've reached my limit, others report he said that ronald reagan would not sit here at this table for as long as he has. put all this together as we try and read between the lines in that room. >> first of all, it's always nice when liberal presidents point out ronald reagan as the gold standard for presidential behavior. look, i think personally, i mean, i'd like to read the full report and all that, but my sense is this is more posturing from the president. the president is winning this debate in the media right now, because he basically called the republicans' bluff in on -- on all this. the things is the republicans can call his bluff, too. the fact is, obama had a strange sort of gaff yesterday where he says don't call my bluff. well, here's a trick. if you don't want people to call their bluff, don't tell them it's a bluff! >> bill was that in reference to what's been reported as eric cantor saying show us what your details are on the grand bargain, which would go to specifics for how you get to $4 trillion in cuts?
10:34 am
that's been reported. >> that's right. well, this is the thing. my opinion is obama is playing a very, very cynical game here. jay carney, white house spokesman, says we're not going to tell you what specifics we have, because that's not how negotiations are done and we have to keep this in private. these are private negotiations. fair enough. the problem is, by all accounts, he's not telling what the specifics are in the private negotiations, either. instead, what he's doing is he's spinning, saying that he's willing to do these brave and bold and difficult things, while actually on the inside, he's not offering any specifics on the table about what those might actually be. it is all about how he's positioning himself. when he says i'm willing to risk my presidency on all of this, that sounds great, it feeds the story line that he is this pragmatic, above the fray guy, when in reality, what he's trying to do is kick the can down the road to get it passed, the 2012 -- past the 2012 election and if it all goes belly up,
10:35 am
to share the blame for a bad economy. i think republicans should call his bluff. bill: you write about this, now, and your article concludes the following, it lot of it refers to the fights of the 1990s with newt gingrich and bill clinton. it's very difficult to go around the. sy and it's very easy for the president to declare a victory even after the failure. obama may not be bringing much to the table because it remains his table because it came with the office. the bully pulpit, what? >> it's the bully pulpit, it is an amazing thing, right? the republicans are constantly being told they have to show leadership and all of the rest. the republicans have passed a budget. democrats haven't passed a budget in over 800 days. barack obama's budget called for increasing the decifit. his second budget, which is really just sort of a gassy speech, called for a bunch of stuff that even the cbo said they couldn't score. obama won't put omabacare, he won't put high-speed rail which we all know wastes money at twice the speed of
10:36 am
normal rail, on the table. basically what he's doing, there's this ability as -- that the can't has as marjah liason likes to say, the president has the ability to rup to the head of the parade and act as if he's the leader of it and that's what he's been doing on these issues for a long time now. the idea that obama is leading on decifit reduction is ridiculous. he's being pulled in a direction he don't want to go and saying things he doesn't want to say, but because he has loyal senate, he has an enormous amount of power in the negotiation, particularly when you have the mainstream media. bill: you can imagine the leaks already, right? how they try to balance it. thank you, see you later. >> thank you. martha: there's the music, america's election headquarters. let's head there now. what could be the key state
10:37 am
in the race for the oval office? it's not iowa or florida or anywhere on the east or west coast, the places you usually look to in these rays. it is colorado according to one of the leading republican legal minds in the country. alicia acuna joins us on this now. how is colorado expected to play such a big role alicia? >> martha, at a gop fund-raiser in january, in colorado springs, karl rove told the crowd, in 2012, as goes colorado, so goes the nation. and in the last presidential election, candidate barack obama, one colorado -- won colorado by a nine-point margin, however, i can tell you that voters here have a history of making no promises, and if colorado is a reflection of the nation's electorate, then the style of the 2010 senate race here could be a predictor of what's to come at the white house. in fact obama strategist david axelrod said that that race is a model they're looking at for 2012. senator michael bennett was
10:38 am
one of a handful of democrats to beat back republicans into washington. >> he's spent a huge amount of money and very smartly targeted it to moderate republican women, moderate unaffiliated voters, including women. and to democrats who were somewhat disaffected, and he managed to get just enough to win it. that is to say that race was mean, it was close, and it was expensive. >> reporter: mean, close, and expensive. that's the expectation for 2012. folks will remember denver is where president obama accepted his party's nomination in previous -- in previous elections colorado delivered to president george wurks bush in 22,004 but in 1994, president clinton won colorado. the electorate here martha is pretty clean clup, it's one third republican, one third registered democrat, and one third independent. everyone agrees this is not going to be a place easily
10:39 am
won. martha: fascinating. really interesting, alicia, thank you very much. we'll be watching colorado closely as we can expect a lot of business from the candidates this -- visits from the candidates this time around. bill: in a moment, we're going to get back to this story. some of the people are talking about what a tragedy it is. he was only ten blocks from home, he was snatched, kidnapped, then brutally murdered. is the american justice system capable of dealing with a monster who would do something like this? >> martha: what a story. and get ready for this one, folks. for the ride of your life. but you may need to get a second mortgage to get there! bill: looks like fun. a young hollywood star telling a marine she would be his date at the big dance. almost sounded too good to be true and today, it turns out it might have been. martha: i think she's going to come around!! >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
10:40 am
10:41 am
10:42 am
10:43 am
martha: well, thousands gathering at funeral services for a young boy who met the most horrifying fate, eight-year-old liebby kletsky was walking home from summer camp, the first time he was able to walk home and he was this brooklyn, new york, and vanished in broad daylight. police say that 45 levi aaron confessed, he smother \dollars/{^ed} chielt and dismembered his body. is the american justice system capable of handling this? arthur idalis, elise wheel, welcome you guys. we're all parents. this is the most -- you know, i was saying, you give a child a little bit, everyone wants to give
10:44 am
children a little independence, right, they get to be nine or ten you have to be able to say okay, today i'm going to let you go these next three blocks. i just can't even -- your heart breaks for this family. >> and letting them go the blocks, the mole and dad said this is the route you take, walked him through it, here's the plan if you do get lost. it's just absolutely horrifying. but martha, i have to think that this is maybe not the first time -- maybe this is the first time that he's done something as horrific as this, and by the way, he's confessed, but i can't believe that somebody just woke up one morning and decided okay, beyond just smothering a child, i'm going to chop up that child, put them in small pieces and put part of those in the freezer? i think there's got to be something that happened in the past and police need to find that. >> well, it was also the opportunity presented itself. >> he was lost. martha: took a wrong turn. >> my law office is less than a mile where this took place and the ultra
10:45 am
conservative jewish community is so tight knit, there were signs of this young boy everywhere, in front of my law office, we put one up, and the reason why, parents, you may think can you let a nine-year-old kid walk home, but they are so -- they so take care of each other, so the kid gets lost and he's like excuse me, sir, can you tell me where to go, he was heading in the absolute wrong direction, he needed to go to 13th avenue south, he was on 18th avenue, which is north and this guy took it amongst -- if it wasn't for the videocameras, i talked with the lead prosecutor, i started on the d.a.20 years ago with her, the brooklyn d. arc, he put his top notch prosecutor on this, and he went in to pay someone else's debt, this bill, and they saw this on the videocamera and were able to run his credit card figures -- records and figured out where he lived. martha: he panicked because he could tell everybody is looking for this kid.
10:46 am
that's the most heartbreaking, how apparently he was alive for at least a couple of days, who knows how long at this point, but lis, we've all sort of watched this caylee anthony thing, right, and it causes a lot of people to lose their faith in the ability to accurately prosecute and punish someone who does something to a child. you know, what is the punishment likely to be in this case? >> well, they've only charged second degree murder for now. we know, martha, that's going to be bumped up. the big difference or one of the big differences first of all -- i hate to talk like this, we know the cause of death, right? that was a big issue for the jurors in the anthony case. we are have a confession here. >> martha: that could change. once the lawyers get with him, he could decide he didn't do this. >> here's what's going to happen. the lawyers, sorry to be mean to defense lawyers, but the defense lawyers are going to say the confession is out, for some reason, he wasn't mirandized, they're
10:47 am
going to claim incompetence, he's crazy, the insanity defense. >> but in defense of the defense lawyers, everyone whom they've spoken to who know this guy, she say he's slow, he's mentally diminished. >> i'm sorry, that doesn't mean he doesn't have responsibility here. >> the plumbing supply store said he's a good worker but mentally deficient. i'm a defense lauroo. >> but who said well, he was fine with the kids, and i'm shocked, this is very out of character. >> by the way, there was a protective order she had. you don't have a protective order to -- something else was going on. >> it means instead of going to jail for 25 years, maybe he'll go for 22 years, because the -- our system -- >> i wish -- >> arthur, i am so -- people get very disenchanted with this. >> take it up with your legislature, next time you vote for the people in the assembly on the senate who make these laws, who identify the people who are mentally deficient do get a
10:48 am
little bit, a little bit, of leniency in our sentencing. it's not the lawyers. it's not the judges. the legislature makes the laws. martha: there are two sides to this, but this man, he had the presence of mind to understand what was happening. you know what, people are looking for -- they need to eliminate all the evidence in this case and that's what he went about doing. >> and it doesn't mean he doesn't know right from wrong. let me finish. so he knew that you had this boy, you captured this boy, the media was coming after you, you had to to hide the evidence. you knew right from wrong. martha: it is a cliche but it is a parent's absolute worst nightmare, this story, and we're going to watch it closely. we thank you very much, both of you, for being here today. thank you. bill: 32 years ago this month, when the child went missing in lower manhattan, he walked two blocks to the school bus, he's never been seen since. he was the first child ever put on the side of a milk carton. that mystery continues as
10:49 am
well. coming up next on "happening now", here's healthier chilledders, nice to see you, good morning. >> nice to see you, too. i'm in for jenna lee. happening now, serious dama on capitol hill, the democrats and republicans are engaged in an ugly back and forth over raising the debt ceiling. we'll talk to one republican senator who is said to be steamed and livid over the whole situation. plus a six-year-old girl, i love this story, hits a hole in one, one greek eye -- and the secret toss longevity. and the montana buckeroos. plus we want to hear from you. go to now and click on the america's asking tab. bill: we will. i ke that greece idea, that's cool. thank you heather, see you in a couple of minutes. remember this, heavy snow forcing a roof collapse at the metro dome in minnesota? now that team is raising the roof yet again. there she goes. also this: >> where you can catch the
10:50 am
steepest roller coaster in the world this summer. it's possible.
10:51 am
10:52 am
10:53 am
bill: there is at least one law makeering that says out of control debt and declining of the u.s. dollar is convincing him to take a drastic step, one that's not been taken since the civil war. doug mckennedy, live in the newsroom. what is up, douglas? >> reporter: the debt is getting bigger and value of the dollar is getting smaller. it's a situation that has bob marshall want to go take matters into hits own hands. >> i was elected in 1991. >> reporter: virginia state rep bob marshall is so
10:54 am
upset with the national debt and decifit, he says it's time for something radical. >> you want the states to basically step in and protect themselves against the diminished dollar? >> well, our role as state legislators is to protect the people and if the federal government is not doing the job we're the biggest institutions to do it. >> marshall is advocating the state of virginia print its own currency to create what he calls competition with the u.s. dollar. it's a move that hasn't been done in this state since the civil war. >> what do you hope to accomplish? >> well, what i hope to accomplish is to put the brakes on this train, running away down the tracks. >> and marshall is not alone, 15 other states are or have recently considered prisoning for alternative currencies, this constitutional expert calls the trend disturbing, and possibly illegal. >> the constitution platy prohibits states from issuing their own currency,
10:55 am
whether in the form of coins or in the form of paper money. >> eric friedman is from haaspa law school in new york, he predicts catastrophe if each state has different currency. >> that would mean the destruction of the country. >> legal experts say not only is this unconstitutional, but it also could be devastating for the country as a whole economically. >> i tell you what's more devastating for the country is a republic style inflation where you got to take wheel barrow to buy bed. >> double digit inflation which marshall says could be right around the corner. that's it from here, bill, back to you. bill: let's hope not. douglas kennedy in our newsroom. martha: this is an important story. one very brave marine gets up the nerve to ask actress mila kunis if she will be his date for the marine corps ball and she says yes, i will do it, but today, it's breaking his heart. this story is not ending here, folks.
10:56 am
we'll be right back.
10:57 am
10:58 am
10:59 am
martha: so back pedaling on the promise of a lifetime for one of america's bravest, could it be? m limit a kunis initially accepted an invitation from a an officer overseas. >> marine corps ball, november 18th, greenville, north carolina, yours truly. >> you know what, man? i'm going to work on this for you. i'm going to work on this for you. he invited you to the marine corps ball. >> when is the marine corps ball? >> like in november. >> november what? >> i don't know. >> i'll go. martha: i'll go, she said, right? sergeant scott moore, no longer the happiest marne in afghanistan, kunis said she's going to be too busy filming upcoming movies and isn't going to be able to attend but she has to change her mind. how hard is it for a movie star to get back

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